Release 2


Search Filters and Improvements:

  • Filter ASCII search with RegEx and select case sensitivity
  • Share search results
  • Select search results in the document

Jump to Offset:

  • Jump to a given hexadecimal offset
  • Highlight the byte at the given index

Codepages Support:

  • Select one of multiple codepages
  • Support for ASCII, ISO Latin, and EBCDIC
  • Select multiple syntax themes for each
  • Classic HexFiend and HexDump modes

Metadata Information:

  • View metadata in analysis tab
  • Inspect UTI, creation date, modification date and Unix Permissions

iPadOS Cursor Support:

  • Cursor snaps accurately to bytes
  • Cursor snaps to byte frequencies
  • Added secondary click options to many buttons

Visual Improvements:

  • New app icons!
  • New “Shaded of Purple” theme
  • Alternating rows option
  • Indicate currently open sidebar
  • Change sidebar color to resemble iWork apps
  • Increase sidebar width
  • Removed sidebar slideover mode
  • Indicated byte in frequency grid
  • Changed some contrasts for accessibility
  • Linked new website and mail
  • Further small design tweaks

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Removed a bunch of crashes and memory leaks
  • Improved performance when scrolling and resizing in a variety of ways
  • Restored ability to launch on M1 Macs
  • Decreased app size


Large scale changes to the entire app:

User Interface Overhaul:

  • Modernized and native-ized user interface
  • Toggle a sidebar in different modes next to or over the document depending on context
  • Sidebar can be toggled using navigation bar buttons, keyboard shortcuts, and sideswipes
  • Navigation bar and sidebar will use light or dark theme depending on the syntax theme being light or dark
  • Added custom tint color
  • Added support for multiple windows


  • Added search mode to sidebar
  • Search for content in the hexadecimal, ASCII, or binary column
  • Preview results with context and jump to and highlight them in the document
  • Jump between results with arrow keys
  • Search results are limited to the first 1000 hits to increase performance


  • Added analysis mode to sidebar
  • Get information about the selection or the entire document
  • Decode to integers
  • See byte frequencies
  • See detected file signatures (magic numbers)

Significant Performance Improvements:

  • Document load times and scrolling performance is drastically increased
  • Fixed crashes during (too fast) scrolling
  • Fixed crashes during pinch-to-zoom
  • Fixed crashes during opening documents
  • Fixed crashes when putting the app into background

Misc Additions and Changes:

  • Unified column reorder and hiding menu
  • Mono Green themes split into light and dark
  • Mono Green themes and corresponding icon changed to use app tint (solarized) green
  • Options now show keyboard shortcuts next to them on iPad
  • About screen shows version number
  • Added changelog to the app
  • Added symbols for newline (\n, 0x0a) and tab (\t, 0x09) characters
  • Moved easter egg
  • Changed the way the outer background is colored
  • Rounded corners in secondary selection
  • Removed little endian option due to backend changes

Misc Fixes and Improvements:

  • Better support of Dynamic Text (Accessibility font size)
  • Text rendering should be slightly sharper
  • Improved scroll position after rotating or resizing
  • The document no longer appears scrolled after opening on some devices
  • The document browser no longer appears to rotate when opening a document
  • Open from share sheet works reliably
  • Slightly tweaked about screen order and icons
  • Rudimentary cursor support for theme and app icon buttons

Release 1


  • Initial release!