Hexer is a desktop level hex viewer packed with features. It was developed from the ground up for iOS and iPadOS. It is natural and intuitive to use for everyone. It is integrated with the Files app. So you can browse Dropbox, Google Drive, your git repositories, your downloads, your documents in iCloud Drive, or your desktop. Or you can just share any file to it.

Integrated with Files app

Open any file on your device. From Dropbox, iCloud Drive, a USB drive, or downloaded from the internet.

Byte Highlighting

Byte categories are highlighted in different colors. Choose from many different popular themes.

Simple to use

Straightforward usage — no tutorial needed.


Developed for iOS/iPadOS using native tools. Behaves exactly how you expect it to. Powerful and fast.

Always with you

Download a file from Dropbox and view it right on your phone or iPad. A desktop level application in your pocket.

Keyboard support

Navigate almost the entire UI by keyboard or toggle nearly every option.

Many options

Configure many things, like hexadecimal capitalization, spaces between bytes, and even the app icon.


Search for hexadecimal, ASCII, or binary sequences.


Analyze byte frequencies, integer decoding, and file signatures.

Indie developer

Developed by a real person out of love. Many features yet to come.

Become a beta tester

Test new features, before they become publicly available, risk bugs, help me out a lot. Sign up.

Direct contact

Contact me about feature request, bug reports, or just usage questions. Send me an email to hans@hexer.app!